Reply to "Lionel's Big Announcement 5/10 - 150 Years in the Making"

For those who don't "social media" (funny, I always considered a forum like this to be VERY social...) here is a link to the video from our YouTube page:

Dave and I will be doing a follow up on our next Ryan&Dave show as well and you'll see these featured in Volume 2 this July of course.

A few highlights for those who want the Cliff's Notes version before getting back to 24/7 Big Boy video marathons:

7 4-4-0s (including 2 pilot models) with

  • LEGACY, DCC and conventional operation
  • Die-cast and brass construction
  • All new tooling
  • Designed from the original O'Connor Engineering replica drawings
  • New decoration schemes for 119, Jupiter and Pennsylvania all based on the latest historical research and analysis from the leading historians on the subject (We're actually going to backdate the PRR a few more years for a more polished look based on a call I had just last night, look for some updated art on that one next week. She's going to be stunning!!!!)
  • Leviathan and York based off of current replica appearance
  • Each model uniquely numbered
  • Built to order

4 Add on passenger car 2 packs - one car equipped with Railsounds so you'll be able to add sound to your train

An additional non-sound 2 pack of Woodruff Sleeping Cars to further expand your trains. All of the cars which don't have sound electronics inside will have interiors with painted figures

All of these products are available for preorder now through AND through your Lionel dealer. We also have a special limited set (150 pieces) exclusive through our online store. Please go there to see more images and order information. The order window on these will likely close around the first week of August so that we can get this to our factory on time for an anticipated early 2020 delivery.

Whether you decide you have to have one of these for your collection or not, I do hope you'll take a close look at these models. Speaking personally, I've always felt that this era of railroading is one that offers so much potential and reward for modelers and historical interests alike but is too often overshadowed by the later and larger locomotives. The updated color schemes of Jupiter and 119 reflect decades of research by some dedicated and passionate historians, several of whom I've had the pleasure of knowing personally for many years and who were kind enough to lend their latest efforts to us for this project. For our part, we have worked with our design and manufacturing teams for more than a year to bring you the most accurate models possible of these important pieces of our history. Like the originals, they are works of art - well tuned to the art of work. The first five were ordered the minute this project got the highball...     And with the requisite emoji now attached, it's time to step off my soapbox and get back to work.

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