Reply to "Lionel's Big Announcement 5/10 - 150 Years in the Making"

Soo Line posted:

I waited for this announcement before choosing to comment.

Detail appears to be nicely done on the passenger cars.

If HO can be made with sounds and smoke, then this could have.

At the very least,  a smoke unit could have been added (they were 30 years ago) and Legacy instead of Railsounds 4, in the passenger car.

Good you have to buy and additional product to get sound.


I agree in general 

But speaker size means allot, and placing it in the passenger car will probably give better sound. However, I am not that interested in the passenger cars and would be more interested in period freight like flatcars and other types. That leaves the engine soundless. Sound could be included in a boxcar, perhaps the next catalog will have matching freight.


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