Reply to "Lionel's Big Announcement 5/10 - 150 Years in the Making"

SandJam posted:

I have to disagree.  The Lincoln funeral train set has not only held its value but has gone up (I know I tried to get one).  That is if you can even find one.  And that set had nothing in it.  It was conventional.


I don't want to come off as too negative here, but there was a twist to that that burned those of us who "bought in" early on the LFT.

At first offering, the LFT was "only available direct from Lionel" and with no discount whatsoever on the MSRP as a result.

I ordered one engine/car set and 2 sets of the add-on cars.  (MSRP was $800 for the engine with one car and $300 for the 2 car set, IIRC).

Well, after time went on, it turned out Lionel over-estimated the market for these, so they eventually went out to dealers with a bit of a blow out on the pricing.  IIRC, there were dealers selling the basic set with the 2 car add-on for somewhere between $900 and $1k.

So as a previous purchaser of the LFT, that scenario is still in my mind when deciding on these items. 

If ordering through my go-to dealer may result in some small discount on the MSRP, the risk of getting burned in this manner is less, and I am more likely to decide favorably on a purchase.  If it's full MSRP everywhere, then I may be influenced to the "pass" side.

It's not the features included that at all cause hesitation.  All the other Heritage offerings of this type were pretty good, IMO (I think I might have had a few loose figures in one of the 2 packs - while not thrilling, it was not the end of the world).


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