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Lionel's New Strasburg Wood Coaches The 1990's and 2000's

I happen to take a bit of time last night studying the coaches very thoroughly and even contacted Ryan to get some more information on these particular set of coaches. I know that when I look at a new catalog I tend to try and see as much as I can, usually I look for build dates on cars because of what year I want to model in, but these I wanted to see the coach numbers.

I did a bunch of small research both on Lionel Dot Com, the catalog(online), and Strasburg's roster to see what cars were in fact being made. Well, the coaches are the same, that is I mean the 1990's and 2000's are the same set of coaches. Ryan confirmed this to me last night, as I didn't know that ahead of time, maybe some already knew, I don't know, just trying to put that out there in case someone doesn't want to order the same thing twice, so to speak.

Below is the list of product numbers, number of the cars, and names of the cars. You will note that the only difference other than the artwork change on the side of the cars(if you can see it clear enough), is that car #60 got it's name changed. All the rest of the cars are the same cars.

2227030 looks to be #62 Gobblers Knob and #59 Grasshopper Level(1990's)
2227040 looks to be #72 Mill Creek and #70 Cherry Crest(1990's).
2227050 looks to be #62 Gobblers Knob and #59 Grasshopper Level again, different art(2000's)?
2227060 looks to be #72 Mill Creek and #70 Cherry Crest again(2000's)
2227170 looks to be #60 Eshelman Run(was this renamed to Donald E. L. Hallock) and #96 William McFarlan(1990's).
2227180 looks to be #60 Donald E. L. Hallock and #96 William McFarlan(2000's).
If you want to order all the cars you can, just figured I would point this out to anyone who didn't know that is going to get the cars.
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