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Reply to "Lionel's New Strasburg Wood Coaches The 1990's and 2000's"

2227030 looks to be #62 Gobblers Knob and #59 Grasshopper Level(1990's)
2227040 looks to be #72 Mill Creek and #70 Cherry Crest(1990's).
2227050 looks to be #62 Gobblers Knob and #59 Grasshopper Level again, different art(2000's)?
2227060 looks to be #72 Mill Creek and #70 Cherry Crest again(2000's)
2227170 looks to be #60 Eshelman Run(was this renamed to Donald E. L. Hallock) and #96 William McFarlan(1990's).
2227180 looks to be #60 Donald E. L. Hallock and #96 William McFarlan(2000's).
If you want to order all the cars you can, just figured I would point this out to anyone who didn't know that is going to get the cars.
Strasburg coaches

I am confused. I decided I was going to take a chance and order one set of these cars. I assume I am reading your post correctly Dave and that what you mean by (1990's) and (2000's) is that these are the correct paint schemes for those eras. I want the Cherry Crest car from the 2000's so I went to the website of Charles Ro (since he has the best price) and I searched for #2227060. What comes up is a picture of 2 cars but one car says "Mill Creek" and the other car says "Grasshopper Level" not "Cherry Crest". I don't understand this and after the last pre-order fiasco I had with my MTH steam engine (it was my mistake) I want to be perfectly, 100%, positive I am ordering exactly what I want. These two cars do have the correct paint scheme as the prototype cars have today which is what I want. Dave, I see that you wrote "looks to be" in your description what did you mean by that? And any idea why Charles Ro has a different car than what you wrote above? Just to explain I am not criticizing in any way but just trying to understand what is what.

I just tried Mr.Muffins Trains to see if it was the same and it was the same thing there. I have to assume that the "Cherry Crest" car is not being produced in the 2000's paint scheme so it looks I will not be ordering a set of cars. Hopefully someday Lionel will do the "Cherry Crest" car in the 2000's paint scheme. Although I do like the "Mill Creek" car so I will think it over. Maybe I will still order. It's a tough decision.

Dave, how were you able to get in touch in with Ryan? I would like to ask about the coupler pads.

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