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Reply to "Lionel's New Strasburg Wood Coaches The 1990's and 2000's"

Having missed out on the MTH sets, I was thinking of getting the 1990's scheme.  I presume it includes these sets:

2227030 looks to be #62 Gobblers Knob and #59 Grasshopper Level(1990's)
2227040 looks to be #72 Mill Creek and #70 Cherry Crest(1990's).
2227170 looks to be #60 Eshelman Run(was this renamed to Donald E. L. Hallock) and #96 William McFarlan(1990's).
I have to decide if I should spend that kind of money, or just keep hunting for an MTH set.

Well Frank, whatever you decide should be good, as long as you can find what you are looking for. The stuff you listed is from my post above, which should be the correct names. When I emailed Ryan all that while ago, I had the Strasburg roster PDF in front of me. That was why my questions about the names raised my eyebrows. I hadn't taken into account that they were the same exact cars with just a name change on one I think, but the design art changing. That was what I wanted Ryan to clear up for me.

I really do wish he or Dave would chime in here as I have tagged them twice. Yeah, I understand work can be busy, but this should be something that I would think they would reply to. I don't like pestering them if I don't have to, as I know they are busy answering other people's questions and concerns. I do know that if I have emailed either of them, they usually respond in a day or two(sometimes less), but really depends on what they have ahead of them.

Good luck in your MTH search.

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