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Reply to "Lionel's New Strasburg Wood Coaches The 1990's and 2000's"

@Hudson J1e posted:

Hey guys, I just heard back from Ryan literally about 10 minutes ago. I will post what I said to him and his responses in italic.

Dear Ryan,

Hi, how are you doing? I am considering purchasing a set of the Lionel Strasburg Passenger cars Part number 2227060 but I have a few questions: #1) Since they are MTH Tooling will they still have the Kadee coupler mounting pad?

#2) Again since they are MTH tooling will they accept the MTH 2 rail trucks that were designed for these cars when MTH sold them?

Phil, Yes, these will have the Kadee pads and we haven’t made any changes to the trucks so the MTH 2 rail replacements should work just fine.

#3) On the part #2227060 the catalog says "car #70 & #72". Car #70 is the "Cherry Crest" car and car #72 is the "Mill Creek". The question is in all the pictures on several websites that are selling these cars the picture shows "Mill Creek" and "Grasshopper Level". Can you confirm that it is indeed the "Cherry Quest" car that will come in this set? Thank you very much.

Cherry Crest is the correct roadname and I just confirmed that on the production art. Thank you,


Sorry about the large type. That happened when I copied the email over to here. I tried to get it smaller but I could not figure out how to do it. I got a lot to do today so I can't spend all day on this. Anyway, I will be placing my order tomorrow morning. I am very happy that Dave was correct in regards to the "Cherry Crest" car. That car is a must have since I highly doubt I will ever see the MTH cars up for sale. Thanks for starting this thread Dave or I would not have known about this.

Well, that's great Phil. Good straight forward questions and good answers. Still, don't know why they didn't have that part about the Kadee's in the catalog. I would have thought that would have been something that they should have listed since it is another selling point to buyers. Having optional selling features is always a plus. I know how engines can have a bunch of stuff that people don't care for, but when it comes to rolling stock, options or other features are usually a plus(unless it's thumbtack uncouplers).

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