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Lionel To Get Paint Samples Before Moving To Production 2021 And Onward?

Well, at this October's York, someone asked Ryan point blank about the major issues that have been plaguing our engines, rolling stock, and other such things(I suppose) that have had major issues of the color not being right, not being close, and being just way off the mark. Ryan had told the person(who did post on one of the topics not sure where) that they would indeed be getting a sample run of what the piece in question is supposed to look like before going to full production.

I had thought about this today a bit and didn't even consider it when I was at York to look at what was right before my eyes. Now, I am not saying that this has been implemented on the V1 of the 2021 catalog, because I have no clue if it was or if it was something that was partially done. However, here are a few things to consider that it may be and may not be.

First up is the New York Central Pacemaker Mohawk. First the catalog art, and then the picture I took at York.

Pacemaker Mohawk

My Pic of Mohawk

My Pic of Mohawk 2

I thought at first when I looked at my pictures that the smoke box was off because I had thought it was supposed to be graphite like the prototypes have been but the catalog art is that white silver we have grown to despise, but that is what it is supposed to be(I hope the other Mohawks art graphite).

Next up is the Santa Fe 3001 2-10-10-2 from the catalog art, then my pictures.

Santa Fe 3001 Catalog ArtSanta Fe 3001 My PicSanta Fe 3001 My Pic Front

Well, I don't know, sort of looks like that is the white silver on the smoke box, and not like what the catalog art is showing. I think that this means that everything in the V1 may not fall under the new sampling before going to production. What do you think?


Images (6)
  • Pacemaker Mohawk
  • My Pic of Mohawk
  • My Pic of Mohawk 2
  • Santa Fe 3001 Catalog Art
  • Santa Fe 3001 My Pic
  • Santa Fe 3001 My Pic Front
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