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Reply to "Lionel To Get Paint Samples Before Moving To Production 2021 And Onward?"

@BillYo414 posted:

I'm trying to remember back to when I was a kid. Did they use real models all the time in the catalog? I feel like the products in the new catalogs are a lot more spritzed up than I remember in the past.

There have been a few catalogs here and there that have used the actual model, or even an earlier one. Most of this has often happened before built to order, though some have. A couple of times the catalogs have had some items that of course didn't, or don't sell as well as they thought they would have, so they have been in the following catalog(sometimes). Often times there is quite a lot of spritzing in most of the catalogs that come out now.

@Bob posted:

Bravo to Lionel for getting real paint samples to approve prior to production.  HOWEVER, that is only half of the battle.  The person reviewing the samples needs to know what the colors should be.  To be properly reviewed, the inspector should be an expert in the specific railroad.  I can tell whether PRR Freight Car Color or Dark Green Locomotive Enamel colors are reasonably correct or way off (such as the recent pumpkin orange freight cars and Army green locomotives).  However I don't know Mopac blue from B&O blue.  Dear Lionel, to do it right PLEASE involve people who know what they're looking at.

Yeah, I think there have been several issues with rolling stock in the past few years that have been extremely off. I believe one was some NYC freight car, the PRR car being pumpkin like you stated, and who could forget the Texas & Pacific 10 Wheeler.

@Conrail6358 Hey Ryan, could you please clarify my topic to help us better understand exactly what samples, that is I mean is it going to be a shell fully painted, whether it be an engine, rolling stock, passenger cars, or what have you. I know that I did not ask you about this, but someone else had posted that at York they asked you about the paint issues, and they said you responded about there will be samples before the item in question moves to full production. I for the life of me cannot find that particular post, but I figured if I can't find it, I might as well go to the source.

So please Ryan, could you elaborate on this more?

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