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Prices Reduced - Lionel Trains and Other Stuff for Friday York Delivery or Local Pickup

Hello everyone. All items are tested and work as they should. Any major condition issues are listed. Please send me an email if you are interested or have any questions. Payment is cash preferred, but may be open to trade for scale steam era items local to PA or original tinplate. Due to the size of most of these items, I will not ship them. However, I can deliver them to York Friday Morning or local pickup is always an option!

Lionel 6-13138 PWC Majestic Set - This is a Postwar Celebration Series remake of the Majestic set originally made in the 60's. The engine has TMCC and impressive sounds. The cars are very nice. I bought this set new, and it has minimal run time. The only problems with it are the shovel has a broken support on the roof (easy to glue, but leaving for the next owner), the crane is broken where the boom connects to the body (could be glued as well, but stays if not in motion as is), and the upper left hand corner of the box got hit during shipping. Other than that, the engine has probably been run less than 10 times and some of the cars were never run! This is a great way to get a GG1 and add to your rolling stock collection $350


Broken shovel support (easily glued)


Broken crane spot (could also be glued to hold boom in place, but then could not be taken apart)


Lionel 6-31715 Lionelville Fire Department Set - This is a traditional size set led by a hudson and made up of five postwar style cars. It is conventional, but has Railsounds. This set is a great runner. I had it in a siding on my layout for several years as a spare when I had company and another set would fail. It is in excellent condition. The only drawback is the smoke unit is a bit anemic (as most of them of this era are). It will be a crowd pleaser on any layout. $240


Lionel Navy Set - Funny story. I got this set new around 1998 or so. It was the first time I ever decorated my Christmas layout with street lights, telephone poles, etc. As an 8 year old, I was very proud of this. When I received this set for Christmas, I was excited and immediately put it on my layout...where it ran half a look and showed me what the phrase "close clearance" means. As nothing was fastened down, it didn't do any damage to the engine or poles, but I was heartbroken. It went back in the box and was never run as a set again. I have tested the engine and it works great! The only thing this set would need to be perfect is a new rubber band for the submarine.   $150245661142_618544222636194_7910875171882116008_n245654800_619914992342505_7346989392360976107_n245609248_399028211749319_1099500744122067930_n

Lionel Reading 2-8-0  6-11132 -  This is a TMCC equipped engine with railsounds. It is a great runner that would look at home on any layout. The only issue is that the front coupler is missing (hard to notice if you aren't told about it). Box is included, but I forgot to photograph it (it is partially visible in the lower right hand corner of the first photo). SOLD242182780_219187336805911_3230988717764299465_n242158236_159042519745566_170723786311692_n

Seven (7) K-Line Reading Company Passenger Cars - These cars are in excellent shape! I bought them from a friend of mine who went through each car to make sure they were ready for layout use. One truck did have problems with zinc rot, but we replaced it with a truck from another K-Line passenger car. All cars have their diaphragms in the box. I'm not sure what these cars were rated, but we ran them on O-42 curves fine. SOLD242201797_265516761954566_4654703172264536154_n242213811_320567473176392_6309093481015581942_n242283293_587251332400299_4786910694217442736_n242189440_4496180173783064_6929118113141425511_n242046327_401910348276157_7608258628301682599_n

Lionel 275W ZW Transformer - This ZW is off my last layout as well. I last used it back in August. When I did, I noticed that one of the common posts were loose. I ended up replacing two or three of them so it would be ready for the next person. I'm only selling because I have more power than I currently need. $100


Fourteen (14) Lionel O Gauge Switches - These switches are off my layout (in the midst of taking it down). I believe there are seven of each, plus one extra that doesn't work (switch #15, which is marked). They worked well for modern switches. They have all their bases and extra track pieces (which allow for O-22 size switches or smaller switches), but they are all thrown in the box. Everything should be there, but some light bulbs may need to be replaced (I didn't have them on most of the switches). $80 (that's less than $6 a switch!)


Black River & Western Marker Lamp - It has taken me about two months and several conversations to figure this piece out. This is a marker lamp from the Black River & Western Railroad in New Jersey. There was a man making custom lanterns for globes he would find. It seems like he (or someone else of considerable talent) made this for the railroad. I was told that this was the marker that hung on the baggage car gift shop. While I cannot find a photo of this, the way the paint is faded, the rust on the handle, and the cut cord all support this. The person who I bought it from found it in an antique shop in New Jersey. She was not a railfan and had no idea what it was, she just bought it because her dad was a conductor on the Lackawanna and she liked it.

Anyway, it is a very well done piece. I put another cord on it and it works well. I kept the original cut off cord for the purists. $230


Aladdin Caboose Lamp (Wabash?)- This lamp is in great shape, minus one pin hole in the tank, and some wear on the shade.  A previous owner did some very discrete repairs to the shade and I sealed the tank with POR 15. I have not tried it since. It will also need a new mantle, as it came apart in the car (readily available). There is a sticker on the bottom that says "Wabash R.R.". I have no reason to doubt it, but no proof that it is Wabash either.  $100242168450_559516465364418_7413915244188079197_n

Lionel 6-22999 (465) Sound Dispatch Station - This is a modern version of the postwar Lionel Heliport. This one has sound though. Using the microphone, you can broadcast messages through the station, or you can record a message and play it. It looks and works excellent $50242190653_377182587231767_5661784025391927617_n


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