Lionel Wabash Bluebird 21" Passenger Set

Got my Wabash 21" passenger cars today. Here are some photos and a short video  I'm very impressed with all of the features except for one. 


1) Packaging, no more wire ties and tissue paper sticking to the roof  

2) LED lighting, no more blinking and they stay on after the power is off

3) extendable spring couplers that lengthen around curves, make sure you oil and grease everything well, also make sure all of the trucks swing freely both directions, I had one that was hanging up but no moves freely  

4) weight, the cars are surprisingly heavy for plastic  

5) easy removal of the shell, 4 screws and its off


NO lighting in the Vista Domes, when the lights are turned out you can't tell that they are dome cars.

All in all I'm very pleased and looking forward to the station sounds diner next month. The last photo was of a solder joint that came loose. I repaired it and no other issues.





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