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Reply to "Lionel Wide Vision Caboose "CSX" w/ Camera"

cjack posted:
UnclePeteRR posted:

Removing the Window??? Some of you have stated that on some 

of the it cannot be gently pushed, hence disassembly necessary.

Does it vary by Road? Please tell me the Santa Fe is one one of

the easy ones. UnclepeteRR

My SF was really glued in. I put a screwdriver blade against it and had to tap it with a light hammer. The window broke in half, but the camera stayed in place. I Took the car apart anyway and that's the one I scavenged the camera out of. With what I know now, I could put it all back together...or put the camera in something else...and just have an SF plain caboose.

My CSX was very lightly glued in all places. I figure the builder ran short of glue or something.

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