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1 or 2 years ago, I went on the Internet searching for another set of O Scale baseball figures. I posted what I was looking for on this Forum, and also mentioned this by email to one of our Forum sponsors, TrainZ, who did not have it at that time.

This past week, I got an email from TrainZ. They found what I was looking for: O scale metal baseball figures made by Kramer Products, which is no longer in business.

Thanks to TrainZ, I have a new team of Kramer Products baseball figures in white uniforms on the Polo Grounds field (with a batter in a gray uniform), as shown below:


And across the Harlem River, is the original team of Kramer Products O Scale baseball figures in gray uniforms on the field at Yankee Stadium, with a batter and 2 baserunners in white uniforms:


This was a particularly exciting and gratifying purchase because I had periodically checked on ebay for the Kramer Products figures without success, and had lost hope that I would ever get them.

I cannot thank TrainZ enough. Arnold


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