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Five photos of Hardworking Little People on the Free State Junction Railway. Photo 1.) Transloading down at the team track ( that's me on my bike at 12 years old).  Photo 2.)The dockside switch crew ... Hugo, Bert, Sylvester.  Photos 3,4,5, ) Bad order car truck replacement by the car dept. IMG_5128IMG_5247IMG_5494IMG_5463IMG_5503

So many Little People you have, Pat. Did you ever count them? Is it over a 1,000?

On more question: where do you get your Little People? Train shows? LHS? E-BAY?Internet directly from the manufacturers? All of the above?

You have a very nice collection of them, and they always look great in your scenes. Arnold

Arnold - a apologize for the late reply.  I've gathered my Patsburg population from trains shows, and LHS (both used and new ).   There is one local hobby shop that sells used figures.  I'll pick out a batch of those little folks and go to the counter and make an offer ... usually resulting in a really good deal.  I've also benefited from good deals at small community train shows.  I always pick up a few little people when I'm at York too.  I did purchase one Mafia figure on line which came all the way from Croatia.  I use this figure in my Mafia shoot out scene along with my little folks Don, Juan a fast finger Eddie.  

The population of Patsburg has never been counted.  Taking an educated guess, I would say 300 - 400 little folks.  The population growth has slowed down, at least for now.  Some cold winter nights ahead may change that ... if you know what I mean ;-) 

Happy holidays to you!  

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