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Reply to "Locomotive for Polar Express Scale Freight"

Rider Sandman posted:
Paul Kallus posted:

Besides the PE Berks and Polar RR K-4s, Lionel has made some scale engines, some steam and some diesel in various Christmas holiday themes. MTH has released some Christmas engines as well, in the Railking Line which may or may not be scale. I recommend the Legacy USRA North Pole Central Mountain (4-8-2) released last year for freight duty. It speaks Christmas literally with custom sounds and of course its livery colors. Lionel also released the Santa's Shay - also Legacy, and a fantastic engine.

TrainWorld made these videos which I think are okay to post here:

YouTube video of USRA North Pole Central Mountain (4-8-2)

YouTube video of Santa's Shay:




Thanks, Paul. I was hoping you would chime in given your history with the PolEx scale stuff. Both the Mountain and the Shay are nice, but would require repaints to the PolEx livery. That may just be where I’m headed if something doesn’t catalog soon. Given I have a literally unused Pacific pilot sitting on the shelf, maybe it’s a good candidate. Anybody ever paint a pilot?

Really.With all the runs lionel has done with the polex.You have your gold scale polar express.Then you have the chrome polar express also scale.Then you have the legacy scale.Or head over to charles ro its a sure thing.They may have a few left over.Or try ebay a shot.

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