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Looking for info on Lionel 0058 Set w/ 2029

Does anyone have any info on a Lionel set #0058? It has a 2029 w/ whistling tender, freight cars & caboose. It even has the hat is says it comes with on the end of the box. I have photos below. Items are a 2029 w/ 234W, 6447 caboose, 6343 barrel car, 6630 rocket launcher, 6176 hopper, & an unmarked flat car w/ cable reels. Also had a transformer, horn button, bottle of smoke pellets, wood barrels & some other misc. stuff. My question is did it come with all of these cars or are some added? It says it has a figure 8 track which I got a separate box of track with it but I'm not seeing where it would go if all the cars actually go with the set. I've looked the set up but I can't find it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. Just trying to make it up so it's complete again. Thanks!


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