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Reply to "Looking for Suggestions--Kit Bash Morton Salt Factory or Structures"

Great idea!! Welcome to the world of scratch building.  You will find out that you can make a factory for pennies compared to what RTR costs. Also you make the building for the space allocated as opposed to ripping up and repositioning tracks. If you have access to a table saw and/or a mitre saw, you can make your own structural members for the framework,  a lot cheaper than buying beams and girders. I'm trying to model a steel mill layout in my basement.  All of the buildings are made from hardboard and foamcore glued together with MDF framing I cut myself.

Arc furnace framework120200814_10384520210623_164614

All of them are huge by O gauge layout standards. Foamcore is covered with corrugated cardboard to simulate ribbed iron sheathing.


With the exception of the store bought windows,  I built each factory mill building for less than  $20.


If you really want to go crazy, you can build an 8 foot great lakes ore boat for about  $100.

My layout is far from complete.  I still need at least 3 more mill buildings,  a forge (18 X24 inches), an open hearth furnace  (6+ feet long by 30 inches wide) and the blast furnace (24X60 inches).


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