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Eddie Marra posted:

Whoever did this petition has no clue how museums work, how they are funded, nor how they have to schedule maintenance and restoration on the exhibits/rolling stock.

Beyond that, he's probably only been to one actual city before in his life, and that's probably Baltimore.  He has no clue about cities and how all of them have rough looking areas.  I've dealt with people like this before that live outside Philadelphia and have never gone into the city, because being in a city frightens them.

One more reason to reinforce he's clueless: one of his Pros - "A tourist attraction that will help place Baltimore on the map."  Um, let's see:

Fort McHenry, Inner Harbor, Aquarium, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Fell's Point, along with some nice museums including the B&O Museum.  I think Baltimore is already on the map with some tourist attractions.

Eddie - well stated!  I agree!  

I work in Baltimore City teaching at a public high school which is nationally ranked.  98 percent of our students go on to college after graduation ... a stunning statistic for any high school anywhere in this country let alone an inner city school. 

I really don't think the B&O Museum needs the help of the National Park Service.  Although I'm a fan of the National Park Service and their work, calling them in to take over operation of the B&O Museum is just a ridiculous idea!  Don't try to fix what's not broken.   I'm a member of the B&O Museum and it seems to be doing just fine on its own.  As far as the neighborhood surrounding the museum is concerned, renewal is working it's way westward, as another poster stated, about a block a year.  I never fear for my safety as I approach the B&O Museum ... never have. (  Heck, when I'm at school, I cut through alleys whenever I go to lunch and never fear for my safety ... been doing it for over 12 years.)  Baltimore has lots of railroad history, wonderful old train stations ( some repurposed )  .. Camden, Pennsylvania, old Pennsylvania Station, and Mount Royal Station ( now part of the Maryland Institute College of Art " MICA" )  located in the Mt. Royal neighborhood, the old Ma & Pa round house and the Baltimore Street Car Museum.  There's also the light rail system, and the Canton Railroad.   The B&O Museum is one of the several fine assortment of museums in Baltimore.  

Baltimore offers many music venues including the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall and the world class Baltimore Symphony, a thriving jazz scene,  and venues for all musical tastes.  The historic Hippodrome Theatre, Center Stage, and Lyric Opera House present world class plays, operas,  and touring broadway shows.  Educational institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, Loyola College, Notre Dame College of Maryland, University of Baltimore, Morgan State University, Peabody Conservatory of Music, and Maryland Institute College of Art, University of Maryland Baltimore,  have superb reputations and offer programs to the general public.  It's also the birthplace of Edgar Allan Poe.  His grave is visited by many folks each year.  

I will add to what you have already stated;  Inner Harbor, Ft. McHenry, the National Aquarium,Camden Yards, Fells Point ( I was there a few weekend ago and it was bustling with people ),  Canton area, Mt. Washington neighborhood, plus all I have mentioned in the above paragraphs put and keep Baltimore on the map.  

Like any city, Baltimore has its share of problems, however, there are so many great things about this city that folks not from around Baltimore  are aware of.   I think the press gives Baltimore a bad wrap.... negativity always sells and boosts ratings over positivity.  My personal experience with Baltimore, as someone who experiences this city regularly,  is not at all the same as what I hear on cable or network news.  

I have friends who visit from Germany, New York City, Montreal, Kentucky, and the Carolinas and they have found Baltimore to be culturally interesting & lively.  Most prefer Baltimore over DC ( I live equal distance from both cities ) whenever there's a choice for just casually hanging out in one city or the other.

Come visit the B&O Museum, the birthplace of American railroading ... you'll love it!     




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