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Reply to "Make the B&O railroad Museum a National Park"

You forgot a world class hospital, Johns Hopkins.   St. Francis hospital not far from the Railroad Museum is also an excellent hospital. 

At one time, a cruise ship destination, but as the ships have grown in size, only a few of the remaining smaller ships, can enter/exit the harbor under the different bridges.  We've done a Mexico tour from Baltimore, and one to Canada, Nova Scotia.  

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It was years ago, before snow roof collapse.  Did not inspire a return visit, which is my point.  But l am well aware of positive and negative changing neighborhood situations.  They had a flood there, too, which may have impacted the station?   Hope not.

The flood you are referring to was in Ellicott City, Md., 13 miles by train from the B&O Museum in Baltimore.   The Ellicott City railroad station, which was for many years part of the B&O Museum still stands, however, is no longer part of the B&O Museum.  I believe it was taken over by the local county government and still operates as a museum. 

Ellicott City, has done an engineering study related to excessive water run-off and existing structures that have been consistently damaged by flooding.  There is no easy fix, though Howard County, continues to assess the problem.   Often, at this point, old mill/railroad towns and related infrastructure are abandoned/razed in extreme flood zones.  A sad note, as the frequency of the flooding, has ramped-up, recent history.     ??Climate change??    Urban/suburban development, up stream, and all the related asphalt/concrete, contribute to the area problems.    Some of the historic buildings severely impede the existing water flow, which includes the train station and visitor parking lot. 


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