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Reply to "Marker lights on MTH Southern Crescent different?"

Hi Dave,


I understand what you're saying, but trust me, neither light on right or left side will budge from it's position, even with considerable pressure (they are certainly not loose).

I checked with MTH's  latest website on their new Protosound 3.0 version, and you can definitely tell there is some kind of change to the class lights.  You can plainly see clear lenses on front and side, with the green led, I assume, encased inside.  Different from the Protosound 2.0 version with the green led clearly visible poking through the front...this new class led is not visible color wise; as it appears encased in this housing....perhaps someone with the new version could verify....Also note that Ken's Protosound 2.0 is just like mine; with single green LED poking forward with no light emanating from the side...


kens protosound 2.0 tight


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  • Ken's  protosound 2.0 tight: Ken's  protosound 2.0
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