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Reply to "Making curved layout edges - methods and suggestions please..."

Tom Tee is a true benchwork craftsman.

Check out L-girder benchwork, also.

Here is a model I made to demonstrate the L-girder method for a workshop I did at York many years ago.

You have total control of the shape of the layout edges with this method. By varying the lengths of the joists, you can achieve any shape you want.

Any good benchwork book will include the construction details. A Google search will also bring up many websites on the L-girder construction method.

LGirder 001LGirder 002LGirder 003LGirder 004LGirder 005


Images (5)
  • LGirder  001
  • LGirder  002
  • LGirder  003
  • LGirder  004
  • LGirder  005
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