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Meet The Kansas City & Gulf

Howdy Crew!
It's been a long time since I've been an active poster here at good ol' OGR. Along the way I had forgotten what a great group of fellow enthusiasts that always seems to encourage one another and interact. My loss!
Anyway, this will be a build thread for my layout that's based in the Ozarks. Here's the particulars:

* It is wholly contained within a purpose-built 16' x 20' (15' x 19' interior) HVAC equipped out building.

* It utilizes three of the four walls therein along with a small peninsula.

* Approximately 150' total main line length.

* Partial dual-level construction.

The layout will host TWO different era's and themes:

* Early-mid 1960s diesel era via my Kansas City & Gulf free/proto-lanced theme.

* Late-1880s via my Ozark & Southern free/proto-lanced theme.

Layout Features Overview:

* Contains lower and upper level 7-track stub end stage areas.

* Has reverse loops on both levels for turning equipment.

* There are lower and upper towns on the dual level portion. There will be two other towns with modest switching opportunities along the way (along with two industry spurs along the main).

* The "mountain grade" will actually be a "Nolix". That is, the bulk of the climb will be out in the open to be seen and appreciated (not partially hidden in a spiral helix) and the grade itself will be a primary feature of the operational scheme. The ruling grade will begin immediately upon leaving the lower town.

This will eventually be a LONG thread. All sorts of topics will be shared, discussed and/or covered. As well, there will be some "how I done it" stuff. Comments and questions are encouraged and hoped for.
SO... come along and let's head for the Ozarks!

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