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Reply to "Meet The Kansas City & Gulf"

Hi All!

Been without internet service for a few days. Just got it back a bit ago. Some replies:

Santa Fe Jim:

I didn't fully realize that the forum software would not allow expanding the photo to the original resolution. When expanded, the details are more apparent. Of course, that doesn't help here. Thanks Jerry for trying to help via contrast/etc.

Tinplate Art:

Thanks for the kind words.  Seems no matter how hard I plan, I still have "Surprise!" moments that CAN be accompanied with "oh sh*t!" moments.


Yes, I have a couple/three V scale versions (all incomplete) that run through Digital Elevation Models of the terrain in my proposed region of the Ozarks. I learned from this excercise that prototype could have done it, too!  However, with a huge caveat: The resulting line would have been horrendously expensive to build/operate. By the way, I never completed any of the V scale versions, so they were never released via my "V Scale Creations" endeavor. However, from closely reading your question, I am assuming you're asking if I made a virtual model railroad using my KC&G theme as can be done in such a feature as offered by Trainz? In that case, no. My V scale versions were full length (a scale 100 or so miles!), through accurately rendered digital terrain. Keep in mind that I also use my web space at my VSC domain to host other interests of mine. (Model railroading, trail riding of motorcycles/etc.)


You've got it!



IF you would like to read some more silliness, I have converted two more essays to html and uploaded them.

* The history of the KC&G's diesel roster:

* A fictional regional (regional to the KC&G's Ozark Sub) rail enthusiasts experience as he chases a KC&G freight in the Autumn of '64:

Later on we'll get into construction photos etc!


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