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Hi Art!

I tried the "Raildriver" control stand ( ) that simulates a "desktop" control configuration. I really didn't catch on to it. My interest in diesels is well before the "desktop" era. Besides, I soon migrated almost exclusively to steam in V scale... so the "Raildriver" was placed on a shelf in the closet where it remains to this day.

Yes, I do like the challenge of handling trains over grades that reflect it's prototype. (If the route is based on a prototype and not "free lanced", and I have some of those too.)

The physics model in MSTS and Open Rails can be modified ("tweaked") to do a fair job of replicating the nuances of handling trains over mountainous terrain. I have a route that simulates grades of over 5% (Stampede Pass Switchbacks) and handling trains over that spaghetti bowl of track is quite a challenge!

Here's a view from within the simulator of a light engine at the town location of "Stampede". This is from a "raw", in-process route, so no full-blown scenery at this point, only track, bridges, and cribbing. However, this gives you and idea of the ruggedness of the terrain the Stampede Switchbacks traversed. Grades here go up to 5.6%!


My favorite use of V scale is to use it as a vehicle to indulge in my link n' pin era fascination. I have routes based on the Colorado Midland of the 1890s, Stampede Pass: The Switchbacks late 1880s, Denver South Park & Pacific in the mid-1880s, Silverton RR (late 19th century), and a whopper of a route in-process I call the "New England Lines", circa late 1860s. (And that's only some of them.)

I like both: V scale and tactile model railroading. (HO in my case.)

However, of late I seem to be spending more time with my HO projects... and for SURE spending a TON more loot. (V scale is very cost effective... VERY.)

All fer now!



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