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Reply to "Meet The Kansas City & Gulf"

Morning all!

Our internet is has been down, then on/off/on/off... repeat until frustrated. Anyway, a quick pic or two for now, back later after church for some replies.

No visiting operators this week, been running some trains by my lonesome (I enjoy that, too). Here's a pic of the South Stage when I left it for the evening. Next out will be the short coal extra you see in the foreground:


Also, picked up a neat little wreck train crane n' tender car. I will eventually strip the numbers and likely repaint the flat/etc. Remind me to tell you why I decided to purchase one.


The thingie-ma-bobs in front are: Left four items - Out riggers for the crane car. Right item - crank handle for the boom and hook.

All fer now... gotta' load up the music gear and head off to church!



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