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Yes, I enjoy the challenges that train simulation software can offer. It's not perfect by a far stretch, but it's a fun aspect to the hobby of trains that model railroading doesn't adequately convey. (i.e. Train handling.)


I was born and raised in KC until the tender age of 16 when my parents relocated to the land of their nativity: Arkansas. Took me all of two weeks to fall "life long" in love with country living! Love mountains from all over, Rockies, Alleghenies, New England... mountains! Here in my region, it's the mountains that I live nearby: The Ozarks as well as the Ouachita Range. (We're on the northern most edge of the Ouachita Mountains.)

SO: I have a wonderful collection of memories (lots of train memories) from my childhood/youthful years in KC, and wonderful memories (including train memories) and ongoing experiences among the mountains of AR/OK.

As for KC:

KC has a very rich railroading history. At one time there were SO many lines there. Off the cuff, from my childhood/youth years in KC I can remember: ATSF; SLSF; UP; CRIP; CGW; GM&O; KCT; Wabash; CB&Q; KCS; MILW; Mop; and MKT.

Check out these 1855 era renditions of KC!



I think the rails first arrived at KC in the 1860s. Here's KC in 1867:


KC trains 'n me:

In fact, once I get a good handle on my Ozark layout, I intend to have a small L-shaped shelf layout here in my computer room that will have a KC "urban industrial" theme to it. This will be a place that I can model scenes that reflect my memories and experiences in/around KC. I already have a "start here" track plan! Here's a rough copy:


Model railroading truly can be a "way of life" for those of us that hopelessly hooked on trains!



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