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Reply to "Meet The Kansas City & Gulf"

November 16, 1964...

KC&G GP7 #412 idles beside the engine house while the crew's shootin' the bull with the engine house Foreman: Ol' Jess. Braggin' rights are at stake, for they're right in the midst of seeing who bagged the most squirrels on yesterday's opening day of squirrel season. Meanwhile, a KC&G ALCo (RS-3 #269) slumbers silently in the engine house for Ol' Jess to renew going over it for the mandated service inspection.

This is the calm before the storm, for it won't be long and the northbound coal train will hit town, which is precisely what #412's crew is waiting on. When it does, they'll tack on to the caboose, and once the highball comes from the head end, with a cacophonous uproar the entire entourage will gather up what run they can muster, and another battle up The Mountain will begin.

Life moves at a different pace on the KC&G up in the mountains of the Arkansas Ozarks.


All fer now.


P.S. Thought I'd better see what the new software was like to work with. Had to go through pages of forum postings to find this old thread. Sure lots of "backdrops" being offered.


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