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The KC&G's CMO is really PO'd. Seems of late there's been a few switching mishaps. None serious... but still indicative of "less than safe" operation by some within Train Service.

Case in point is GP7 #418. Seems the hogger ended up slightly cornering a car in the small yard at the helper town of Ozarka, resulting in a bit of bruising and scraping. Nothing too serious, but enough of an incident for concern, nonetheless. Most serious casualty was a battery box cover that was ripped off and crunched past repair. Also taking some damage was the front corner step guard and a deep scrape on the side of the cab. Most concerning damage was the handrail that tried to turn into a pretzel. That resulted in a safety appliance violation that had to be fixed before the unit could be returned to service.

Fortunately the chaps at the small Ozarka engine house were able to apply some heat with the acetylene torch and with the help of a sledge and a track bar, they were able to straighten the handrail enough to comply with the safety appliance codes and thus get the unit back into service. However, ol' #418 will carry it's battle scars for how long now? Below are some pics illustrating the results of the incident.

The side damage...


A closer look at the bungled handrail...


However, a struggling line has to do what they've gotta' do... so once patched up good 'enuf... back into service it went. Here's #418 once again ready to do what it's been doing for the Casey for right at 14 years...


Modeling info:

The above is one of the pair of P2K GP7's I've received back from the Sound Guy. I got the idea of the side damage from pictures I have, or results I've seen/etc. I enjoy reflecting such wear and tear on engines and such. It's definitely a part of the railroading scene, especially given my era and theme choices. My current goal is to get enough engines on hand with DCC/Sound installed to cover my operating sessions. Once I have enough on hand so that a pair of them won't inconvenience me, then I will take two undec's off the layout and start the painting and final details process. Those two finished and back in service, I'll pull two more and rinse and repeat.

Oh, and I need to tell you about the malady that sister unit #427 was involved in, too. I tell 'ya, railroading the Ozark Mountains ain't fer sissies!



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