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Reply to "Meet The Kansas City & Gulf"

@Rob Leese posted:

Quite a thump to knock off all your paint and forward grabirons, too !?!?


Smart azz!

You ought to really like my hand-written Post-It numbers on the cab sides! (Barely discernible in the above pic, Engineer's side.)

However, I'll bet the crews are going to miss that old scheme once the painting starts.

Grab Irons 'n Paint:

I will not be using the plastic grab irons that P2K supplies. I will be putting on DA's wire grabs. That won't happen until the unit gets pulled from service for painting. Right now I need serviceable (i.e. DCC/Sound) units. Niceties like paint and the rest of the details can wait until the tipping point is reached where I can numerically afford to start rotating two units at a time out of service for a trip through the paint shop and final details.


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