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Reply to "Meet The Kansas City & Gulf"


HO has a lot to commend it. You will gain 30% more layout compared to S scale. Leaving N, you will surrender about 30%. HO also has the ability to determine your time investment: Minimize time investment by purchasing RTR: Engines with or without DCC/Sound as well as rolling stock, even prebuilt and lightly weathered structures, etc! I just purchased an old Chevy log truck w/logs (Woodland Scenics) that is already weathered and ready for the layout! OR... maximize your time investment (if a small layout) and assemble kits and/or roll your own schemes via paint/decals. Many different ways to skin the cat in HO scale.


Welcome to the Ozarks! Glad yer hoppin' on!


Same to you, too... welcome to the land of Hillbilly's!

Fret thou not: I still smell the ozone! All of my 3 rail saw service on the Christmas village loop, and I suspect they will continue to make laps on my kitchen table as the mood hits. I'm always open to picking up more 3 rail pieces. too. My priority at this point is about what it was at my start of the "Scent Of Ozone" thread, that is, I'm not going to fully switch over to 3-rail  just yet, if ever. I hope my eyesight and dexterity will continue to hold up so I can further my KC&G Ozark Sub layout/theme. If not, then 3 rail to the rescue! In the meantime, I will continue to pick up pieces now and then as well as enjoy my 3-rail when I need to take a break from the more exacting efforts required to further my KC&G/Ozark Sub layout and theme.


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