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Reply to "Meet The Kansas City & Gulf"

My lands, looks like the Gulf Coast Flyer will be required to add an additional car to accommodate all the railfans who wanna take a ride through one of God's most beautiful creations He called the Ozarks!

Andre, I really appreciate your advice regarding a return to HO.  Despite the fact the room in the basement (we live in an apt. building, thus got stuck with one that has compact quarters) prevents a nice large layout in any scale, I can still do pretty good using the shelf concept.  A lift out at the door entrance would permit continuous running.

Item: I never took up smoking.  So much for "roll your own"...LOL

I might even return"Back to the Future" and rediscover my Texas heritage, freelancing the shortline I dreamed up while stationed here in Germany in the mid-60s with the US Army Transportation Corps.  The Katy had a one time branch that ran from Greenville (where I had relatives when I was only knee high to a Texas grasshopper) down to Mineola on the T&P.  I even went so far and had business cards printed up that read: Mineola & Greenville Railroad, Joseph Toth Jr.,  General Manager.  Since I only finished high school (OK, I also graduated from the US Army Transportation School at Ft. Eustus, VA, but that's another story) I didn't feel qualified to call myself President.

Road power to begin operations would utilize the three Katy green and yellow GE U23B* model Diesel locomotives.  The "billboard" MKT on the flanks would be replaced with M&G lettering.   However, this is quite a ways down an overgrown abandoned right-of-way where weeds and wildflowers can be seen in all their God given beauty between rotted ties and rusty spikes telling the world that once upon a time a railroad ran to town, farmland and country alike, to serve people and industy with pride.

All aboard


Note: The Malarky "up yonder" was modified on 2/24/21.

* Old GE's don't end up as scrap loads in gondolas.  They're saved to make a few more runs first!

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