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Reply to "Meet The Kansas City & Gulf"

Andea, I've watched the weather reports on CNN.  Gads, even Dallas is in the midst of a Deep Freeze.  Houston too.  Good grief guys, Mother Nature is really Teed off at Texas!  Germany is recovering from the coldest winter it's seen in years too.  Why, it's been cold enough to freeze the bell off a Big Boy!

My M&G concept has been stored in what's left of the Roundhouse in my Mind for several years now.  The extreme worldwide weather conditions, in addition to the the Corona lockdown, has seen a lot of planned projects put on the back burner.

To put this Back on Track: In the event we still gotta wear masks account of the ongoing Covid-19 scare, I intend to wear an official Lone Ranger outfit when I ride the Gulf Coast Flyer.  No fake holdup you understand, but you can bet your "Sweet A Double S" I'll hold on for dear life when the Locomotive Engineer puts that Dependable EMD Diesel F unit in Run 8!

I sure hope the KC&G management will issue me a permit for a ride in the cab.  I wanna sound 14L Properly when approaching grade crossings.  I can't believe that so many of today's would be locomotive engineers were able to pass their third year exam the way they improperly sound the airhorns.  Don't you know it even turns the milk in every decent cow's udder sour?

Donnerwetter, eine Unverschämtheit, diese Lokführer heute!  Oops, that was German...Sorry!   LOL

Hi Yo Silver (Streak) away


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