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Reply to "Meet The Kansas City & Gulf"

Indeed, the Covid-19 is only a "scare" to help boost the pharmatech industy, no reality in sight.  I say no more for fear the Powers-to-Be may delete my words of wizz-dumb...

Gads, do I read you right?  You folks in the Ozarks have no TV to watch, or radio to listen to either?  Here in the "Fatherland" the TV commercials now out number the friggin re-runs of shows that date back to the 50s...the 1850s is understood, and 24/7 to boot!  Nevertheless, you guys are still blessed with plenty of God made Fresh Ozark Air, which has become a rarity just about "Everywhere West", and everywhere else on the planet for that matter.

Item:  I have a standing invitation to ride on a switching run from the CEO of Progressive Rail, way up yonder in Minnesota.  Perhaps I can schedule both if I ever make it back to the States?

By the way, besides the M&A, I'm also a fan of the old Midland Valley.  Down in the Lone Star State, the Texas Midland as well.  Then there's the Midland Continental up North, but that's gettin' a bit too far from this thread.

You're darn tootin', I'll be rootin' for them Razorbacks.  Sure hope they win the '64 Championship this year.  Any truth to the rumor that the KC&G might just be plannin' to operate a football special to the game?


Note: The Marlarky "up yonder" was modified on 2/24/21.

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