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Reply to "Meet The Kansas City & Gulf"

@Leroof posted:

Andre, been listening to The Band while reading your stories.....perfect sound track!

looking forward to listening up.

safe travels to you and your wife, spring is coming next.

Thanks for that post. I hadn't heard of "The Band" before you mentioned it. Some research was in order.

What I found was quite enlightening.

I always thought Joan Baez's version of "The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down" was essentially the only version of it. Didn't have a clue where the song came from.

In my research, I learned that a member of "The Band", Ronnie Robertson, was the one that wrote "The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down". I also found, and listened to, a live performance of The Band singing it, as well as "The Weight", etc.

Listening to band member Levon Helm's impassioned vocal gave an entirely new "feeling" to the song. I could "feel" the hardship war imposes as Levon sang of the plight of the Cain family. There was SO much more "feeling" than Joan's soft ballad approach.



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