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Reply to "Meet The Kansas City & Gulf"

Hi Joe!

Even though I've been splitting time between my interests, the KC&G has indeed been getting attention. One major update is a proposed revision at the towns of Ozarka and Mountain Springs.

Since I've decided that my Ozark layout in the out building will be strictly 1964 KC&G and not try to accommodate an 1880s era as I envisioned, that meant I could eliminate an element in the track plan design that was purely a ploy to accommodate turning small steam locos: The return loops in the upper left corner on the track plan. (I've really disliked that corner ever since it took shape.)

Here's what I'm going to do:

Lower level at Ozarka...


Upper level at Mountain Springs...


You can see traces of the erased loop on the above photos of the trackplans. This revision will greatly improve access to that corner, as well as opens up the scenes at Ozarka and Mountain Springs. Also note because of the revisions, I'm able to include small engine service facilities at the Clarksville Yard (lower level, on left) and at the Branson Yard (upper level on left).

As for the Clarksville/Branson Yards:

Originally those were merely designed to be non-scenicked hand-fiddled yards used primarily between sessions by yours truly for staging various through trains/etc. They were simply referred to as the "South Stage" (lower level) and "North Stage" (upper level).

Well, I learned that I had rather use an engine and switch out the cars instead of hand-fiddling. This gave me the opportunity to do some yard switching in between sessions. Well, that idea has grew to the point that I began to think in terms of placing backdrops and scenic the stages so they look like part of the layout and not sterile looking, bare Homasote covered "stage areas".

With this revision, the idea evolved further to the point that I now intend to use both Clarksville and Branson yards during a session. You see, with the above changes and the addition of small engine tracks at Clarksville/Branson, the "crew" coming on duty to take a train out of Clarksville or Branson, can now pick up the assigned power over at the engine service area, fire up their engines, check the Blue Cards and do any daily inspection (if required). Ready to roll, they can give a bell, toot a couple times, then ease out and get on their train. Once on the train they can pump some air (look over their manifest and running orders), then whistle off and head out! Mucho more fun than just leaving with a train waiting for them on a non-scenicked "stage yard".

I have all the needed switches on hand to make the above changes. However, creating sawdust will have to wait until after I host my annual vintage enduro tiddler bike ride coming up March 19-20.

OH... and about that desire for an 1880s layout... figured out a way to scratch that itch... but that's another story altogether.

All fer now!



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