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Reply to "Menards F3, running as a pair."

A fellow forum member sent me his F3, it won’t work for his purposes.
The issues with this we’re exactly the same as I reported and video'd with my first on except this has no diesel sounds. Bell, whistle and crew sounds are good. Here’s where it gets fun. I started by running #2 with #1’s remote. Worked well. Ran #1 with #2’s remote worked great. Put them both on the track and tried to run with 1’s remote. #2 tried to move, but #1 was dead. I then used both remotes and now have powered A-A’s running, one remote is set in forward and the other in reverse.
This is exactly how the Lionel Ready To Play sets function when trying to run more than one engine.



Very interesting set of results.  I wonder if Menards knew this was possible to run two engines at one back to back?

You should let Ray know of your test results as it may be of interest to them.  

I'd love to see a video if at all possible.


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