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Reply to "Mernards Starter Set Ideas"

I love the Menards PRR cabooses with alternating bright red leds. They are built rugged and have lots of painted details, frosted windows, white interior leds, nice sharp graphics and unique car numbers.

As a plus, accidents are way down across my single track mainline rolling 3 to 5 LionChief and LC+ trains at once with all those EOT lights a-blinking. 

The loaded flat cars are fun too, so many to choose from. Some have wood decks also.

I picked up some bare UP flats that were loose on the shelf upstairs on the mezzanine for under $8.00 ea. 

As stated above, some tweaking of wheels or trucks or couplers may be needed but they are still a great value to me.

A Cripple Creek engine house and a water tower plus the free stuff are due here this Friday along with layout expansion lumber and supplies. Can't wait. 

This OGR forum and Menards Train Stuff plus Lionel Concord are what got me into the hobby after 63+15/16 years.

Will you still need me

Will you still feed me

When I'm sixty four.


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