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Midweek Photos 10/23/2019

Hello, once again, and welcome to another edition of Midweek Photos.  Time for you to select some of your photos of railroading in full scale where ever you might find it. 


Earlier this month, on October 5, I worked on the Steamtown NHS excursion from Scranton to Gouldsboro, on the former DL&W railroad. While waiting for our train to arrive at the boarding platform, the Scranton Limited train, led by Baldwin 0-6-0 no. 26, backs down past us. 


Our train was led by F3 no. 664, painted in the old DL&W freight scheme.  GP9 no. 514, an original Nickel Plate Road diesel was the second loco in the consist. This is at the 1907-built Gouldsboro station. 


The station is located near a number of ponds. It is also near the peak of the Poconos, so this was probably peak color season for this weekend. 


Fun and games were to be had during the layover time period at the station. 


Our train arrives from Tobyhanna with the GP9 in the lead for our return to Scranton. 


Ladies from the Gouldsboro Historical Society decided to make this a Woodstock themed weekend, and dressed in their hippie-est outfits the could gather for meeting the train.  


This shot is from this past Sunday.  "Lackawanna 664" runs through Scranton on a different yard trip, called the Nay Aug Gorge Limited. 

Okay, folks.  I hand the thread over to you for you to add any nifty pictures you desire.  Thank you for following along with us on this journey of sharing railroad pics. 


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