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Midweek Photos 8/12/2020

Welcome once again to Wednesday. It is Midweek Photo time again, so let’s get on to the pictures. 
A week and a half ago, I took a trip to the Strasburg Rail Road. It was my first post-quarantine rail trip, and I was impressed by how they are making do in these unique times. Their antique autos were displayed at the station,  which I have not seen before. 
A number of new signs are at the boarding platform, which helps if I’m you have never been there before. I had a couple of rides aboard the caboose in the late afternoon.5545EC28-45F0-44AA-8046-15909179DE15

One thing that is not different is the practice of steam railroading. 
Once again, I’ll pass this thread over to you to add any photos of the real world of railroading. I hope you are having a good Summer. #staysafe.


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