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Reply to "Midwestern Modelworks will be at the Indy show"

@LLKJR posted:

Funny you said that.  They say the same thing about us.  😂

I happen to enjoy both forums. Each are great in their own way.

I also subscribe to a UK forum RMweb; again, it is really nice especially if you are interest in British railways. I like them enough to have bought this Dapol O scale 0-6-0:

GWR 7411 0-6-0 side-003

And these OO scale Bachmann Branchline Class 66s:


A funny story about those; when I took them out of the box, my friend said something to effect of : "They are Bachmann, they might not even make it around the layout without having some kind of problem." Much to his surprise they performed as well as his Athearn and Atlas HO power.

I am anxiously awaiting Dapol's O scale Class 66 due early next year.

I am surprised that MTH did not offer it in their European line-up as over six hundred prototypes were built and used in quite a few countries plus several private owners.

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