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Milk Loading Depot 6-14291 without controller wiring?

With the wealth of knowledge on this forum i know this is the best place to ask. 

I have the dairymen milk loading depot but it doesn’t have the controller. Wondering how to wire it with on off switches or momentary switch.  I have tried an on off switch between the transformer and the power terminal and conveyor terminal.  I get a light on and a slow moving conveyor.  I have tried a plug and play switch (on/off/momentary) with both power wires to the power terminals and the white wire to the conveyor.  I get the light on and a slow moving conveyor with the switch on and a fast conveyor with the momentary button engaged.  Doing both of these set ups on the ejector side i get only a light coming on, never a movement from the little worker ejecting cans.  I'm wondering if i have a bad ejector or if i'm just not wiring something correctly.  

I feel I’m missing something.  Thank you for the help!


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