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Reply to "Milwaukee Steeplecab Electric project"

Well, yes it would make sanding easier, but there are other surface details that you have to watch out for such as door and window panel lines and hinges.

I like the look of the rivets. If I had to do it over, I probably would have sanded the rivets off the hood sides and used the Archer rivet decals there. This would have taken less time. OTOH, the pattern is complex on the tops of the hoods and they printed very nicely and required very little cleanup. It would have been a PIA to try to figure out and reproduce that pattern with the decals.

BTW, I had read online that you can smooth the surface of ABS plastic 3D printed parts by exposing them to acetone vapor in a sealed jar. Don sent me a couple of extra hood sides, so I tried this.


The potato chip look was not what I was after.  Apparently this technique works well on solid parts, not so much with panels.



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