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Modern era standard gauge just found.........

I am a mostly retired, former train shop owner, who still chases trains.  I have a little "man cave" in Newport Beach, CA with a sign out front saying that I buy old toys & trains.  Well, the other day, this woman contacts me and says "I have some train cars that belonged to my mother that I want to sell."  I tried to get some details from her, but she said that she had not opened the box in years and that she would just like to  bring it by.  OK, well I figured it was yet another box of junk HO, but when she and her husband arrived at my place and pulled this huge box out of their SUV, my expectations started to rise a bit.  When I saw the two of them struggling to lift the box, my expectations jumped another notch or two.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when they opened the box and I found these five, standard gauge freight cars, along with an ENORMOUS GG1 loco!

Well, I bought the trains, got them inside my place and proceeded to try and figure out just what they were.  I believe the freight cars were produced by Glenn Gerhard who sold his trains under the name Glenn Toy Trains.  I believe these were produced in the early 1980's.  Here are a few photos.  If anyone can share any additional info on these, I'd be happy to hear it.

By the way, the GG1 is a Gold Standard Brunswick Green 4935, produced by Bob Hendrich!  I'll post some photos of this monster soon!

Hope you are all doing well,

Allen Drucker  email:

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