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Reply to "Modular Club layouts...Looking back"


Thanks for the compliments. That meet was a lot of fun! I think that was the one and only time I saw those "Y" modules you built for the ends of the "W". But now you've got me going. I'm going to steal a small part of your thunder. While I was going through old pictures tonight looking for something else, I happened upon these. I thought I would share. These are random shots I took as the mood hit. I was too busy having fun to really concentrate on photography!


LVHRNew Brunswick 01New Brunswick 02New Brunswick 03New Brunswick 04New Brunswick 05New Brunswick 06New Brunswick 07New Brunswick 08New Brunswick 09New Brunswick 10New Brunswick 11New Brunswick 12New Brunswick 13


Images (13)
  • New Brunswick 01
  • New Brunswick 02
  • New Brunswick 03
  • New Brunswick 04
  • New Brunswick 05
  • New Brunswick 06
  • New Brunswick 07
  • New Brunswick 08
  • New Brunswick 09
  • New Brunswick 10
  • New Brunswick 11
  • New Brunswick 12
  • New Brunswick 13
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