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Reply to "Most Realistic (and pretty) Passenger Train?"

@GG1 4877 posted:

I would agree but would add to this list the following GGD trains:

  • The Canadian
  • The '53 Super Cheif
  • The Lark
  • The North Coast Limited
  • The 1938 Broadway Limited in "Fleet of Modernism" paint.
  • The 1938 20th Century Limited
  • The Hiawatha

In the 3 rail world, beyond the Smithsonian Lionel 20th Century Limited not much else comes close to pretty and realistic.

SP Daylight Definitely my favorite. These are ALL great really great too. I’d add the “regular” Broadway too.
BUT……..I like later “mixed” consists too !!!  I submit here a nice, very Realistic late Southern Pacific GGD consist I’ve pulled from sets with a MTH GS2 on the point. Cars in the consist are a Harriman baggage, Daylight 2 car articulated chair car, late silver/red stripe diner, Sunset Ltd 10-4, and late silver/red stripe observation. A soon to be delivered 3/4 dome in Daylight or silver/red stripe will be a sweet addition to this consist. Only thing lacking  is a gray Lark car.
Mixed consists can be a lot of fun.
Cheers !!! 14F09B06-7BF7-403B-96B7-A2078D3AE59839B65611-6868-4374-AC19-650EFEE8B117


Images (2)
  • 39B65611-6868-4374-AC19-650EFEE8B117: Mixed SP consist
  • 14F09B06-7BF7-403B-96B7-A2078D3AE598: Mixed SP consist
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