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Thanks everyone.  No doubt Carl does incredible work.  While I was actively converting engines to TMCC and DCC for customers and my own purposes,  I regarded Carl as the Yoda of TMCC conversions (still do), Ed Goldin as Obi-Wan Kenobi (still also a master), and myself at best Luke in training.  I started with a pair of L/AF GP's in 2007 and went on from there.  In fact, one of the four engines that I'm hanging onto is an S-Helper 2-8-0 that I converted to TMCC with sounds and synched puff 'n chuff also in 2007 with much input and advice from Carl who boldly paved the way with that one (tight squeeze, tiny tender, etc.).  Click here for a video of that Connie in action.  I apologize for the low-res.  I should make an updated video.  I've recently sold the rest of my conversions, but am very glad to see that Carl and Ed are continuing to advance the craft and the "force" that is with them.  

However, I/we digress, back to the subject at hand - the latest release of L/AF FC Berks.  Are the white running boards, and white driver rims new to the 6-4402X series of Berks (with Bluetooth) or did earlier versions of AF Berks also have those white accents?  

Do you have any other observations/comparisons with regard to early and late release (unconverted) L/AF Berks?   One other question, how many versions or releases of L/AF Berks (including Polar Express Berks) have there been and when?  

Thank you.  

I'm not certain but I think this is the most recently released 6-44021 NKP #759 from 2017-18.

And this, the previous NKP #765 6-42562 from 2016?




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