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Reply to "Mountain building: the last frontier?"

@Paul Kallus posted:

Avanti's mountains look great to I seeing real stone or rock molds in certain places or how did you achieve those outcroppings?

Hi Paul,

IIRC there are two pieces of real rock in that scene--both thin flat slabs mounted at steep angles and contoured in with Sculptamold. For the rest, I used various techniques. In a few places, I used crumpled-up aluminum foil as a "mold" for the wet plaster:

There may be a few bits of carved pink foam or broken ceiling tile here and there. In most places, though, I just relied on the natural sloppiness of the plaster.

As I mentioned, the real secret is beginning with a flat black coat of paint. Lots of folks find this crazy, but it is the only way to really bring out the shadow areas and other low-lights. It vastly increases the 3D look of the surfaces. You have to think like an oil painter--you paint the dark backgrounds first and then build up  brighter layers, ending with a drybrushed white "glint" of sunlight.


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