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Reply to "Mountain building: the last frontier?"

Most of the hills on my layouts are made from stacked and carved layers of extruded pink foam covered by Mold-a-Scene plaster, cast plaster from rock molds, and pieces of urethane stone-faces.

The first two photos show the tunnel/hill on my 10’-by-5’ layout. Some plaster rock-mold castings were glued into the Mold-a-Scene. The rocks at the bottom are urethane stone-faces. The entire hill/tunnel lifts off the layout to make it transportable and for track access in the tunnel.


Next photo shows the northeast corner of my 12’-by-8’ layout. Same technique including some plaster castings.


Next photo shows the north hill on my 12’-by-8’ layout – the first that I did. The interior is a balsa wood egg-crate covered with plaster cloth, Mold-a-Scene and plaster castings.


Remaining photos show the hills at the south side of my 12’-by-8’ layout. All of them are layers of stacked and carved extruded pink foam covered with Mold-a-Scene.


I have not tried applying plaster to carved foam and then carving the plaster, but I think that’s probably the best way to get realistic rock-faces and crevasses. Mold-a-Scene does not lend itself to carving stone-faces.



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  • MELGAR_2021_0727_11_HILL_10X5
  • MELGAR_2021_0727_12_HILL_10X5
  • MELGAR_2021_0727_13_HILL_12X8_NE
  • MELGAR_2021_0727_15_HILL_NW
  • MELGAR_2021_0727_16_HILL_SW
  • MELGAR_2021_0727_17_HILL_S
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  • MELGAR_2021_0727_19_HILLS_SE
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