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Reply to "Moving layout -what to do with wiring?"

There is a very good chance that when I retire, I will move to another house.  And I want to take what I'm building now with me. With over 20 years with the Lehigh Valley Hi-Railers modular group,  I took some design ideas from them when I decided to build this layout . The layout is designed to come apart and be removed in easily managed sections. I pre-wired the sections for the main busses as I built and installed them. Wiring from the top down is much easier than from the bottom up! I put terminal blocks at each interface, and followed  a standard location and color scheme for each section. Bridging the gaps with jumpers was very easy. The picture below is a straight section and a corner.

I do have 3 sections that are designed to come apart that did not have this structure, as they were part of the old layout. So I added terminal blocks to them prior to disassembly. Pain in the tush, but worth it, as they are now reinstalled and operational. The wiring is not as neatly done as one the new sections, but it works and was easy to reconnect. The green stripes on the frame are registration marks, as these sections can only be put together one way. This helps make that happen.





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