Reply to "MrMuffin'sTrains announces a Custom Run Lionel Legacy NYC J3a Hudson"

RickO posted:

I don't see why anyone would "back out" if Lionel provided fronts for all of their hudsons.

Steves a reputable dealer that offers free shipping. And.....

This loco is still the only one thats all black, with a PT tender and boxpok drivers. The lack of class lights is just the icing on the cake.

With all of the different offerings, Pats offering an optional boiler front now too.  Given Lionels recent manufacturing issues. Does anyone honestly think theres no possibility of someone getting class lights that shouldn't and/ or shorted the extra boiler front?

 An extra boiler front for every loco( proper color of course), might be a touch easier for the factory to get right.

It would still be Steve that "got it done". I'm sure it wouldn't hurt his reputation.


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